Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

CM7.2 Reincarnation ROM Series pre-Final

New style of Reincarnation is cooming
merged Reincarnation ( JB style ) with Naturalizer ( touchwiz / s4 style ) and finally i changed ROM name to Reincarnation ROM Series

with Aroma Installer this rom give your customization for
1. Select your favorites ROM style
2. Select statusbar style, Transparent and Normal statusbar
3. Select your GPS continent or country for accuracy and faster GPS lock
4. Select wifi driver ( stock CM and Stock firmware )
5. Option to install Link2Sd at flashing or no,, recommended to install, better than other internal script

How to Install : Flash via CWM
1. Reboot into Recovery
2. Wipe Data
3. Wipe Cache Partitions
4. Wipe Dalvik Cache
5. Install Zip from SD Card
6. Reboot

Changelog Versions :
Reincarnation pre-Final (01-11-2013)
both series
- Aroma Installer Customization
- Merged Reincarnation and Naturalizer
- Improved wifi connection, its should no problem, tested in 7 different hotspot, work perfectly
- Added GPS customization
- Added Statusbar option ( Transparent and normal )
- Reworked Settings apk
- fix task manager not function
- update Playstore 4.4.21
- Updated Link2SD 2.4.10
- Updated SuperSU 1.65
- Updated Dodol Keyboard
JB series
- Replace MIUI Music with Apollo in Jelly Bean Series
- Reworked JB Non Transparent theme
Touchwiz Series
- Statusbar with S4 Style
- Replace Stock My Files with Modded Clean File Manager
- Change Boot Animation
- Add Theme for get S4 UI, only 380 kb,

Reincarnation V.3 (29-09-2013)
- Restyled all apk
- JB style titlebar
- JB style on/off settings
- JB style caller
- JB Send button Mms
- JB Style center shutter camera
- JB Notification download panel
- JB holo locker for full JB style
- Mod music player to beats style
- Mod deskclock
- Add mod achep ics Theme for get Non transparent UI, only 115kb
- Add samsung digital clock widget, mod to JB Style
- Add Video.apk, Mod to Stock video with JB Style
- Add Wallpaper.apk base Honeycomb wallpaper
- Add battery percent to Expanded Statusbar
- Removed beep volume panel
- Reworked framework Script and png
- Change some CM Lockscreen.png
- ICS Security lockscreen style
- Change default wallpaper
- Change boot animation to Blue plazma Bootanimation
- Patched GPS patch by lagloose
- Optimize png and zipaligning apk
- Updated Link2sd to 2.4.6
- Add X-Reality Engine tweak from Xperia,i thinks its work fine
- Android 4.3 Font
- Updated Batterry bar 3.2 and Holo Launcher 2.0.3
- And Many More

Reincarnation V.2 (20-08-2013) more smoothly and stable
- Work both brigthness toggle and slider brigthness
- Updated Gallery QuicPic 2.9.6
- Updated Link2SD 2.4.5
- Updated Q2 Keyboard
- Updated Google Play Store 4.3.11
- Updated Super SU 1.45- Change Dialog Popup Transparency to 75%
- New Dialog Popup Animation
- New Setup Wizard Android Icon
- Corrected Audio Engine
- Corrected Build.Prop
- Corrected SystemUI & Framework Script

Reincarnation V.1.1 (19-07-2013)
- Updated Clean File Manager
- Fix Wifi & Statusbar bug issues
- Correct Build.prop
- Removed some unused binary files

Reincarnation V.1 (15-07-2013)
- Full GPU Rendering
- Mix Beauty System Sound
- Jelly Bean style Statusbar
- Include Battery Bar for MIUI Look
- QuicPic is default gallery
- Latest Holo Launcher and Holo Locker is Default
- Jelly Bean Style Installer
- Blue Setup Wizard And Google Service Framework
- Beauty MIUI Music Player with shortcut equalizer settings
- Jelly Bean style settings Launcher,Lockscreen,statusbar,theme,wallpaper,Superuser,task manager shortcut to settings- Jelly Bean Style MMS with SMS Popup support
- Jelly Bean Style Camera
- Jelly Bean Style Recent App
- Jelly Bean Style Dialog Layout
- Cool Boot Animation
- Transparent Google Search
- Youtube 2.1.6 with Downloader
- Add Stopwatch and Timer apk
- Replace LatinIME with Q2 Keyboard
- Android 4.x Fonts
- Mod CM Lockscreen
- Initial release

For more instruction and bugs report, go to XDA Thread,,.

Download Link : Go to DOWNLOAD pages

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Unknown mengatakan...

Thanx mastah....

Smoootttt banget rom-nya, ane suka n bakalan bertahan ne ROM.

Maaf sebelumnya bila berlebihan, jika boleh request ato saran, di tambahin tombol untuk menghapus recent App mastah, soalnya kalo uda banyak buka aplikasi di recent-nya ntu banyak sotkat app yg nempel.

selebihnya gak da masalah dgn ROM-nya, Jooozzzz pokoknya dah.

::lebay amat ya....

RR TEAM mengatakan...

itu cuma recent app,, bukan task manager.. mentok seperti itu di cm7

Unknown mengatakan...

ini masih yg pre final pertama apa baru lagi gan

Anonim mengatakan...

kamera g work gan!!.... :(

Nara mengatakan...

bang, gesture lockscreen dan lock screen bawaan cyanogen nya gak work..
trus ada garis oranye dipinggiran atas layar, (awalnya putih)

Nara mengatakan...

gan, lockscreen gesture ama lockscreen bawaan cyanogenmod nya gak berfungsi, trus ada garis oranye dipinggir sebelah atas kiri layar (awalnya putih)

Nara mengatakan...

gan, lockscreen gesture ama lockscreen bawaan cyanogenmod nya gak berfungsi, trus ada garis oranye dipinggir sebelah atas kiri layar (awalnya putih)